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ELECTRIC / Automatic Tape Dispensers
The START International zcM1000NS Electric Tape Dispenser for foam tapes (like VHB) automatically dispenses & cuts foam tapes up to 2" (50.8mm) wide. Originally introduced by START International, the zcM1000NS is one of the most reliable and accurate tape dispensers on the market. Quickly and easily program a desired length digitally and the zcM1000NS will precisely dispense and cut with accuracy of +/- 1mm. The zcM1000NS has been used in the most demanding industrial environments for 30 years. FOR FOAM TAPES.

1. Auto Feed & Cut Tape Dispenser that is ideal for medium to high production of repetitive taping for industrial applications
2. Includes Digital Length Adjustment
3. Accepts Tape Widths of .28" - 2" (7 to 51mm)
4. Dispenses .79" - 39" in tape length (20 to 999mm)
5. Photocell actuated feed & cut or push-button feed & cut LED Digital length adjustment
6. Blades good for up to 200,000 cuts (dependent on type of material)
7. Steel frame for durability
8. Cabinet made from flame-retardant antistatic composite (auto-ignition of 896°F/480°C)
9. Comes with a 3 in 1 core (3" (76mm), 35mm, 1” (25mm))
10. Adjustable pressure roller for different thicknesses of tape
11. Accuracy of tape length is +/– .04” (1mm) (dependent on type of material)
12. Many available accessories fit this machine. See Accessories section.
13. Used in Manufacturing Plants World-Wide for 30 Years
14. Be sure to look for the START Hologram Label on our Dispenser to ensure you are receiving the original M1000 (zcM1000)
15. Manufactured of Japanese components
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